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Value-line Discount Paneling is not what is normally perceived as being a “Budget Board” or “Secondary Board” product that other companies sell. Simply, Not so here! We call this product line our “Value-Line” Paneling, because it’s the same high-quality premium product, but offered in shorter lengths over our standard knotty pine paneling. This product also is highly sought after and runs out or low in stock quite often, so call today to make sure that yours is reserved and ready to go for your upcoming project.

It installs easily and is easy to handle by any ‘Do-It-Yourself-er’ or ‘Handyman’! Available in unfinished or prefinished with a clear coating. Sizes are 1×6 and occasionally in 1×8. The paneling is 3/4″ thick with the same tongue-n-groove and end-matched features offered in our standard knotty pine paneling.

Currently, the Value-line Paneling supply is being used as stock for our ever popular Barnwood Paneling and has been discontinued for further sales for Value-line.

Here’s a wonderful woodworking shop with the use of our value-line paneling on its walls

Value _Line Paneling

The same wood shop showing an Installation Video of Value-Line Paneling.

Blue Stain

Blue Stain Discount Paneling is another highly sought after product of ours. (BlueWood, Blue Paneling, Blue Stain) is the natural drying process that causes a slight discoloration of gray-bluish streaks in the wood and does not effect the quality or life of the wood. If you are looking for a paneling that is sleek and rustic all in one, this paneling is for you! This is a seasonal and very unique product and once it’s sold out (usually in the fall), it can only be expected to be in supply the following year’s summer.

This product is just like our other high quality paneling products, with tongue and groove on the lengths of the boards as well as on the ends of the boards (called “end-matching”). Available in 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ sizes and available in unfinished or prefinished.

Discount Paneling - Blue Stain Ceiling

1×5 Blue Stain Paneling Ceiling with our Custom Barn Wood Weathered Gray with Lathe Accents

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Thinking about adding some texture to your paneling? Ask for a more rustic looking stain for your paneling and we’ll provide you a custom one-of-a-kind Barnwood Paneling with your stain choice. Talk about awesome, this product is a hot seller! The reclaimed lumber look for a fraction of the cost!