Cedar Paneling is a great product to use on the interiors or exteriors of homes, cabins, cottages and resort buildings. You’ll have a great looking wood product which enhances the beauty and sets the tone for a premier visual experience. On the interior, cedar paneling can be used in all living areas and is especially useful in high moisture areas like in bathrooms.

On the exterior of your building, cedar paneling can be used to side the home, just like you would if you used any other wood siding. It also has great uses as installations under the eaves of overhangs or on ceilings and walls of porches.

The interior cedar paneling is manufactured in 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch sizes. We prefinish the 6″ size only in clear coat that saves you time and money. We also offer all of our cedar paneling in exterior finishes as well. Plus, we offer our 6″ size in our barnwood surface to provide the ultimate in reclaimed barn wood looks and feel that’s easy to install. Do you have some ideas that you’ll need help turning into reality? Our sales reps have years of decor and building experience. Just give us a ring and we’ll get you going!