BarnWood Paneling is just like our knotty pine paneling in that it’s also tongue-and-groove with our unique end-match for easy installation with little or no waste. This high quality barn wood is available (in stock) in a 6″ or 8″ wide pine planking in a variety of color options for interior applications. Our rustic wood paneling product has been run through a series of processes that distresses the surface of the board to give it a textured rough appearance and then through a detailed staining process for the aged weathered look of old authentic reclaimed barn boards. You would think it was pulled right off the barn out in the country! We make it an easy installation by adding the tongue and groove to the barn wood planks by making it into a paneling product.

For exterior applications the 6″ wide Cedar barnwood planking is the ticket, same distressed surface but finished with an exterior grade stain. The 8″ pine can also be used on the exterior with the use of exterior grade stains for a look that lasts.

Color Offerings

Color options are endless, and in fact we encourage you to experiment with a color of your choosing for any room in the house. Offering our interior line of Barnwood Paneling in many standard color options like our Weathered Gray, Weathered Red, Weathered White and our Barnwood Collections in Cape Cod (3 shades of gray mixed with a brown) and Canyon Ridge (2 brown and a burnt orange).

Our weathered and Cape Cod collections are all Eco-friendly and are safe for you and your pets. You won’t find nasty moldy smells, rusty nails, un-even thicknesses or unusable pieces. There is matching trim work in a gentle round-over style with rounded edges or a sharp corner style trim for around windows and doors with a matching baseboard to set your project off from the rest. Inside and Outside Corner Trim can be added to provide a custom finish trim with matching barn wood rustic texture to your corners.

All of the barnwood paneling color samples below are shown on pine unless specified

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Current Sale Offerings

Thinking about adding some texture to your paneling? Ask for a more rustic looking stain for your paneling and we’ll provide you a custom one-of-a-kind Barnwood Paneling with your stain choice. Talk about awesome, this product is a hot seller! The reclaimed lumber look for a fraction of the cost!